Thursday, November 19, 2015

planet earth change of geography and population depletion

the most populated nation citizens becomes conscious less  due to mechanical life and lost interest in life. though its not a decease of spreading kind, people by watching others becomes same kind. Government lost contact with far provinces. the far provinces neither declare independence nor occupied by neighboring countries.

the most powerful country though small in area migrates all its population to nearby larger snow country. their entire land submerges under water.


Friday, November 13, 2015

near World war and story of two friends

As near World war started,

Some countries in Europe and Asia vanished from map and some lost their identity.

as Some crores died in cities govt. ask citizens  to vacate all cities. most of the cities either damaged by enemies or vacated voluntarily. land became priceless.

this is a story of two friends in abandoned Bangalore suburban area. these two guys were graduates and hailed from neighboring state starts job search just before war starts.

People refused to line with military and start living in hideout.

there were hundreds of people start living without involvement of outer areas and military was trying to find them and instructs all to attend interview and forces everybody to work in their capability.

One day these young people in tens count have nothing to do and playing games caught by military and takes all to near by base where airport operates by military.

the old couple used to do farming and takes care of some youngesters. their children details not known.

time goes on. military provides food and shelter to everybody and forces everybody to get involved in some activity.

as communication system failed at every state. 3 years passed on. these young people lost their parents whereabouts and start realizing their life.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Time travel by Albert Einstein and infinite rebirths of his destiny - part1

Time travel by Albert Einstein and infinite rebirths of his destiny.

Albert Einstein had gone too far in futuer with his time travel formula.

Once he reached there people welcomed him as he endorced/enhanced the future generations with his inventions.

Albert Einstein requested to stay longer and indirectly showed his interest to live forever.

But the people knowing changing past and its impacts on them, they told to Albert Einstein like.

" we may not give what you are looking as its against our principles, but at the same time we can't ignore your contributions to our lives.

we give a chance to you to travel to a particular time in far past to reach a person who can assist you."

So the Albert Einstein with help of 'future generations time travel' reached the saint in too far past.

The saint knew all this and give a option to go back to present time and spend life as per nature law.

as per saint to Albert Einstein

" you will go for infinite rebirths to witness the technology as long as it continuous to grow.

This option only works as long as you don't showcase your time travel ion your present time.

Remember timetravel must not distrub anybody's own destiny."

The part-2 starts when Einstein returns to his present time with out 'time travel machanism'.

Friday, March 14, 2014

the human infiltration into alien armor part1

Set in 2156 western year,

Planet earth ruled by region wise, co-coordinating each other after countries/borders self destructed.

As world suffering from rebels within planet Earth, the ' secret world organisation well wishing human race '  sends strong species.

These species comprises of human, other available human look alike intelligent species - named 'Exolent'

This groups reaches and coordinates with existing armies  across the globe.

Accidentally, in fight with Rebels, one of the 'Exolent' group member become non-movable by falling down. One of Allied army person trying to give support removes head care device of Exolent and gets shocked mentally.

The Exlolent group member body airs into ashes and Allied army person takes the weapons and entire hardened body cover of Exolent member.

The human wears into 'the weapon-ed body cover of 'ALIEN SPECIE' , makes

the start of the 'the human infiltration into alien armor'. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

seeing from END in time in reverse order. (in cont. to first post part 1)

The return of the heavenly physical forms and beast killing will happen same time in time.

Intelligent species think like everything would have been done and start living in peace but that's the last living times of these species.

All the villages which will be the last settlements of species starts living in greenery without technology involvement. People live long with matured thoughts in ethical way.

the last rituals of planet earth

All heavenly bodies in physical form which ever had come to planet earth must return to their origin.

All beasts must be destroyed to complete the planet earth devastation. These beasts will be created from MAYA to fulfill the complete devastation of all species. A beast's (a eagle,,,,,) touch kills thousand species at a time to make skull out of bodies.

Some intelligent species try to stop these beasts at the end makes everything complete. THE END